ABB, Bosch and Cisco team on single smart home platform

By Amy Ryan

Bosch, Cisco team to launch single platform for smart home

The Mozaiq platform aims to create a single way to control and monitor smart home appliances

In Europe, ABB, Robert Bosch and Cisco Systems have announced a new joint venture in a bid to develop an open-software platform to unify standalone solutions for home automation to enable interoperability across devices.

The joint venture company – Mozaiq Operations – will develop the platform, which the companies envision will combine the Internet of Things, making it easier for a wide range of home energy management applications to communicate with each other.

Commenting on the collaboration, Tarak Mehta, head of ABB’s Low Voltage Products Division, said: …read more



Demand response: Value of the residential consumer in the electricity system

By Metering International

A family showing the smart control of a washing machine to the Flemish Minister of Energy, Annemie Turtelboom

Whenever assessing the business case for rolling out smart meters, a crucial question is: which applications will be using the meter? One of these applications is demand response, where consumption is shifted in time towards periods with more renewable energies. In many European member states, demand response is already performed for very large industrial consumers, usually contracted by the TSO as reserve capacity. For residential consumers however, such a system is not commercially available yet. In-home management systems represent a rapidly growing market opportunity, with many companies pursuing comfort by visualizing consumption data at appliance level and thereby realizing energy …read more



Managing Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

By guest blogging for ISA

Jim Gilsinn

The post Managing Industrial Control System Cybersecurity first appeared on the ISA Interchange blog site.

This excerpt is from the September/October 2014 issue of InTech magazine and was written by Jim Gilsinn of Kenexis Security.

The purpose of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is to ensure that the industrial process performs safely and as expected. It should only perform at the right time, for the right people, and for the purposes for which it was designed. Anything outside those conditions is often considered a cybersecurity incident. Small improvements to the system …read more



New York governor announces smart grid lab partnership

By Amy Ryan

NY Governor announces partnership for smart grid lab

AGILe R&D facility supports Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision plan & Cuomo’s Energy Highway Task Force

In the US, New York governor Andrew Cumomo has announced that state utility the New York Power Authority and SUNY Polytechnic Institute have signed an agreement to create the “world’s largest R&D facility” for the development of the city’s next generation electric grid.

The Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe) facility will used to simulate, develop and test smart grid technologies helping stakeholders to better understand how electric vehicles, microgrids and …read more



Dedicated Graphene Inks

Haydale Announce Dedicated Graphene Inks Manufacturing Capability

haydalepr1-imageCapel Hendre, UK  —  Haydale has announced a new 230 m dedicated manufacturing area at its South Wales, UK facility to keep up with rapidly growing demand for these ground breaking materials.

Haydale graphene inks are manufactured using plasma functionalised HDPlas® Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs) to deliver performance benefits including; metal-free, electrical conductivity, flexibility, and durability.

Validated for consistency by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC), Haydale graphene ink is formulated to be ready-to-use and can also be customised to be for indidual applications.
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Capturing Blur Free Images from Ultra High Speed Events

11-million pixel images


The new SIR3 Series compact range camera

TRING, UK  —  The new generation SIR3 Series compact range camera from Specialised Imaging is lightweight and robust making it ideally suited for the harsh indoor and outdoor environments associated with ballistic proofing ground and industrial use.

Keith Taylor, Technical Director commented , “When capturing images of really high speed events with tight field of view you really need a camera that can take a picture within nanoseconds of the trigger. In addition to capture images with minimal blur you require a camera able to capture and record data with nanosecond exposure times. This is not possible even with the highest speed video camera.”

Proven in applications including ballistics, detonics, impact studies, crack propagation research and spray particle analysis the SIR3 sets a new benchmark in terms of blur-free data quality, ultimate resolution, high sensitivity and precise timing accuracy. Continue reading